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WE ARE STILL MEETING!! We know things have been a bit crazy lately with the pandemic halting all our in-person meetings, however, were are still having youth group! It will look a little different as we will be utilizing to host our video chat but we are soooooo excited to be able to get together as a journey youth family regardless of where we are. 

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Access Our Zoom Group


We will be meeting every Wednesday at 6:30 pm click on the link below.
Our meeting ID is 231 697 595

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What is the mission of RCA Journey Youth?

The mission of RCA Journey is to partner with families as we seek to raise a generation for Christ. We follow a model of reachequip, and send.


  • Reach: We create safe and fun programs and events that help students reach their unsaved and unchurched friends with the gospel.
  • Equip: We facilitate gender and age-based small groups where we equip students to go deeper in the gospel as they become disciples who make disciples.
  • Send: We provide opportunities to send students locally, nationally, and internationally to share the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

How do we relay this vision to students? By asking three questions:

  • Who is your “one”? Who is one student you know is unsaved or unchurched that you can share the gospel with and/or bring to a reach-focused event this year?


  • Who are your “few”? Who are the people that you will commit to be in a small group with and challenge, encourage, and grow with throughout the year?


  • Who are your “many”? Where is one place locally, nationally, or internationally that you can serve this year?



Phase 1: Nursery (ages 0-2)

Goal: To help parents embrace their role as the primary discipler of their kids. To help kids experience the love of Christ in a safe environment that fosters spiritual growth at home.
Events/programs: Summit Kids nursery
Milestone event: Parent Commissioning: a celebration of parents’ commitment to disciple their children to love Christ


Phase 2: Preschool (ages 3-5)

Goal: To engage kids with the beauty of Christ by introducing themes of the gospel through Scripture. To engage parents in the pursuit of a family worship time at home.
Events/programs: Summit Kids preschool, AWANA, Family Worship Night, Kids Week


Phase 3: Elementary (grades K-4)

Goal: To provide avenues for kids to see the whole story of God in Scripture, especially through Bible knowledge and memorization. To provide outlets for parents to disciple their kids in the fruit of the gospel.
Events/programs: Small groups, AWANA, Family Worship Night, Kids Week, Kids Camp, Gospel & Baptism Class, family mission trips


Phase 4: Middle School (grades 5-8)

Goal: To reach, equip, and disciple students and parents to understand not just the “what” but also the “why” of the gospel and its implications in the life of every believer (godly character, healthy relationships, love for others, prayer and Bible study, living on mission)
Events/programs: Small groups, Elevate worship service, Parent Equip classes, Fall Retreat, Kids Camp, mission trips



Phase 5: High School (grades 9-12)

Goal: To fully equip students for every good work in Christ Jesus as they live life on mission. To help parents begin the process of launching students into their next season of life.
Events/programs: Small groups, Fall Retreat, Summer Camp, short-term missions, Elevate Summer Project, weekenders, corporate worship, Senior Commissioning, Parent Equip classes, Student Equip classes

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